Outsource preparation of cash flow statement

Outsource preparation of cash flow statementA cash flow statement, also known as the statement of cash flow is a financial report depicting amount of incoming and outgoing money during a particular time period. The statement does not include non-cash items like depreciation, thus making it useful for determining the short-term ability of a company to meet its liabilities.

It summarizes the company's cash receipts and cash disbursements over a period of time. It also lists cash to and cash from operating, investing, and financing activities, and also the net increase or decrease in cash for a particular period

We at Cyprus accounting services prepare a cash flow statement that can help you determine:

  • Time periods during which you will need external funding (for example: loans)
  • Time periods during which you will have excessive funds that could be used for business expansion or investments

Our comprehensive cash flow management solutions include:

  • Predicting cash flows
  • Managing cash flow on a daily basis
  • Managing financial risks
  • Maintaining an electronic fund transfer system
  • Reviewing and analyzing expenditures on banking services
  • Negotiating contracts for financial and banking services
  • Managing fraud control programs

Benefits of outsourcing a Cash Flow Statement

  • Helps the company to know whether it will be able to cover payroll and other immediate expenses
  • Helps the lenders to know the company's ability to repay
  • Helps the investors judge whether the company is financially sound
  • Helps the newly formed companies to know their inflow and outflow of cash and thus prevent cash shortage
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